Liz & Les

While on holiday we visited Pura Vida to see our favorite musician Paco Fernandez, we had a great evening with a great atmosphere, on talking with my partner to be we both commented on how nice it would be to have our wedding in this location, on speaking with the owners they do cater for weddings and there was one on within a few days if we wanted to take a look. This we did and the ceremony really made an impact the ceremony was performed by Sean Fearon and we both loved it and I must admit we were both emotional especially with the sand ceremony. What can we say we were hooked.


We arranged with Pura Vida to have Sean for our wedding, we spoke via email and also met up a few days before for a run through of the ceremony, Sean is a genuine and warm man and with his Irish lilt in his accent is superb for these ceremonies.


The day was perfect I spoke with Sean before while waiting for my bride to arrive we had a ceremony on the beach with a few guests, it was perfect in every way Sean knew ours was a relaxed and chill out type of wedding and he certainly made the day.


All of our guests commented on the ceremony and they were all impressed  and said how nice it was and a magical experience.


Since our wedding we speak occasionally via email and feel we have found a new friend (the type that are hard to find) 


If anyone is thinking of hiring Sean for their wedding all I can say is DO IT you will not be unhappy with your choice, one more thing we are not a young couple we are both in our 50s and after previous marriages feel we have found our own soul mates in life


Les and Liz (from the UK)