Ian, Nina (& Rowan) Fernando

Sean was our wedding celebrant at Pura Vida, Santa Eularlia in May 2014, Everything about our ceremony was perfect, and Sean made it his job to ensure that we got what we wanted.


It was a civil ceremony, we knew we wanted it quick, but with meaning, and met with sean in the February to discuss how our ceremony would take place. 


We met Sean at the venue, and having spoken to him for 15 minutes knew he was right for us. He has a long history in Ibiza and knows the island really well, which was important to us. He came with examples of other ceremonies that he had delivered and between the three of us we bought together exactly what we wanted. We have a son and it was important for him to be involved, and Sean catered for that, we said our own vows and knew that neither of us would ever remember them, so Sean led us through them too.


Our ceremony was seamless, we loved every second - the vows, the poems, the relaxed atmosphere and the Ibiza vibe all of which was managed by Sean. The Ibiza sand ceremony was so important to us, and really meant more than the vows themselves, especially as Rowan got to add his sand to our marriage too.


We'd like to thank you Sean, from the bottom of our hearts for making our day extra special.


Ian, Nina (& Rowan) Fernando May 2014.